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Fall into a Christmas Story!

Now that Fall has arrived, the temperatures have begun to cool down, leaves are changing to a glow of warm reds and oranges, and hobby stores have began clearancing all their Christmas merchandise. With this in mind, it only seems right as to introduce my short story A Christmas Miracle from the short story collection Wishing for a Cowboy which has been realeased independantly this year.

"Acceptance comes not through frosty eyes, but from the warmth of loving hearts"

 For a limited time you can purchase this holiday tale for only $0.99 at Amazon.

Professional Writing Affiliations:
  • Panhandle Professional Writers: past Second Vice-President  
  • Amarillo Chapter of the Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc.: President  
  • Romance Writers of America
  • Western Fictioneers

    Phyliss was born and raised in Amarillo and has a great love for the Panhandle.  Many of her western historical's are set in the Texas Panhandle area.  The anthology, "Give Me a Texan" was originally titled "Amarillo by Morning" and is set exclusively in Amarillo.

What's in Progress?
Out of the Texas Night, the second of the Kasota Springs series, is the story of a feisty, big city Texas deputy sheriff forced to work with a small town lawman to solve the mysterious drug trafficing in her home town. Troubles begin to brew since he is well liked in the community and she is appointed County Sheriff by the mayor, a town founder and pillar of society... her father. 
-Due out Spring 2015-

Deep in the Heart of a Texan,
continues the Kasota Springs series. The book follows Sylvie Dewey, decendant of a prominent founding family, in her attempts to restore her family's name after a dirtying it with men who promised her love.

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